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Leasing and Financing Options 

for Municipalities, Agriculture Producers, and Commercial Businesses 

Ergo Bank is a local bank at the forefront of supplying local businesses with capital to grow and expand. Equipment is a key part of agriculture, commercial business, and municipalities that often requires financing. 

Leasing is an affordable, flexible financing option most often used to acquire and own equipment for producers and municipal government, county, and state agencies. Just about any type of equipment can qualify for a lease, which is why 80% of municipalities use equipment leasing to acquire equipment - it’s an effective way to finance essential-use equipment without taking the debt on your balance sheet.

One reason leasing differs from loans and bonds is that leasing agreements don’t bring the risk of a major up-front investment. But that’s not the only differentiation and we look forward to talking with you about your equipment financing needs and options. 

Ergo Bank offers leases that are relationship-based, not transaction-based. Equipment leasing builds on our mission to provide you with the financial tools you need to succeed. 

Markesan: (920) 398-2336

Fox Lake: (920) 928-3161


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Improve balance sheet control, cash flow, and optimize taxes.

Lease and all related servicing is provided through our partnership with BB Community Leasing Services, Inc.- Madison, WI

Real Advantage

Leasing through Ergo Bank comes with real advantages including that we seek to get to know you and your business so that we can build an established and trusted relationship. We want to understand your objectives and we deliver a friendly service that leaves an exceptional impression on you.

Contact us today and we can help determine the best financing solution for your budget and project needs. Find out how we can meet your equipment leasing needs at a no-obligation, no-cost consultation. 

You can save time and find convenience when coordinating all your banking and financing with one bank.

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing has a variety of options that have led to the power of popularity and growth. Leasing is a great financing option for agriculture producers and municipalities that want help gaining added control over their balance sheet, improving cash flow, and optimizing taxes.

Benefits of leasing include:

•    No down payment required
•    No debt incurred for municipal leases
       (Often meaning it’s not subject to voter approval)
•    Acquire new or used equipment now
•    Own the equipment at the end of the lease term
•    Flexible financing structure
•    Early purchase option if funds become available
•    Cash flow friendly with a fixed rate for the lease term
•    Can be structured to meet tax objectives
•    Quick to complete so you can execute buying decisions
•    Stretch the budget to finance other projects

Considerations of municipal leasing include:

•    Non-appropriation clause/loss of accumulated equity in a leased property
•    Compared to general obligation debt, higher interest costs for municipal leases


Before acquiring a lease, please consult your tax advisor. 

Ready to work together to create a thriving community?

Email our team today if you’re considering a lease for your business, agricultural operation, or for your municipal demands. 

Accordion Feature

Ergo Bank offers the accordion feature for commercial businesses and ag producers, which allows payments to increase or decrease during the lease term depending on the need for tax shelter. 

As your trusted local bank, we can assist you in how to best structure a lease to fit your needs and meet your goals. For more information on rates and terms give us a call at (920)398-2336 for Markesan or (920)928-3161 for Fox Lake. Subject to normal credit approval. Certain restrictions may apply.


Before acquiring a lease, please consult your tax advisor. 

Capital Lease vs. Tax Lease

A capital lease, or a finance lease, is built to move all ownership benefits to you, which includes depreciation. The only portion of your lease payment that is deductible is the interest and the depreciation expense. At expiration, most capital leases have as little as a $1.00 purchase option. 

A tax lease is designed to supply the leasing company with equipment ownership, including all the depreciation benefits. Lease payments are fully deductible in return. Tax leases are constructed to conform to all related guidelines for documentation.


Before acquiring a lease, please consult your tax advisor.

Ready to Grow with Ergo?


Ergo Bank offers leasing options for business, agricultural, and municipal equipment and facilities. Select the link below that best describes your needs to be directed to the online application.

Business / Agricultural Equipment

Business / Agricultural Facilities

Municipal Equipment or Facilities

Lease and all related servicing is provided through our partnership with BB Community Leasing Services, Inc.- Madison, WI

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Most Leased 

Essential-use equipment can be leased to help municipalities, ag operations, and commercial businesses best serve their planning and development goals. Contact us today to learn more about your municipal lease and producer lease options.  

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- Buildings and Facilities
- Crops
- Equipment
- Irrigation
- Land
- Livestock
- Tools
- Tractors

Commercial Vehicles & Trucks

- Ambulances
- Commercial Fleets
- Fire & Rescue Vehicles
- Plow Trucks
- Police Vehicles
- School Buses
- Sewer Trucks
- Street Sweeper Vehicles


- Backhoes
- Cranes
- Equipment
- Excavators
- Forklifts
- Tools
- Tractors
- Vehicles

Equipment & Instruments

- Computers & Technology Equipment
- Communication Equipment
- Energy Management Equipment
- Fitness Equipment
- Heat, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment
- Heavy Equipment, Heavy Machinery
- Mowing Equipment
- Production Equipment & Facilities
- Refuse Equipment
- School Equipment
- SCBA & Turnout Gear
-Surveillance Equipment
-Water Treatment Equipment

Furniture & Fixtures

- Chairs
- Copy Machines
- Desks
- Office Furniture
- Office Equipment


- C & C Machining
- Concrete Polishing
- Conveyors
- Cutting Machines
- Generators
- Manufacturing Equipment
- Packaging
- 3D Printers

Medical & Labratory

- Lab Equipment
- Medical Equipment & Instruments
- Scanners
- Therapy Equipment
- Ultrasounds
- X-rays

Modular Structures

- Buildings
- Classrooms
- Offices

Restaurant & Hospitality

- Conveyor Dishwasher
- Food Truck
- Machines
- Refrigerator
- Restaurant Equipment

Systems & Softwares

- Computers
- School Systems
- Servers
- Surveillance System
- Telephone Systems

Meet Who You Will Work With 

Paul Curran has 15 years of experience in a vast variety of leasing options. Paul thoroughly enjoys going to the customer to see and learn more about the equipment or facility they will be leasing. Experience better banking, by design when you work with Paul today. Get started on your leasing needs and contact Paul at 920-928-3161 today.

Kevin Doherty strives to find the best financing options for clients, which may be leasing. With a background of 18 years in leasing, Kevin takes pleasure in establishing and building relationships with clients. Learn more about your leasing options today by calling Kevin at 920-342-4714.

John Sullivan has been doing leases for 20 years. John finds leasing to be an exceptional option for clients as he stated “Customers get needed equipment, fixtures, buildings, and more, allowing working capital to be conserved with the option to purchase, without having to get a loan.” Give John a call at 920-410-2820 to get started on a lease today.


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